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Contesto attuale

In recent years the drop in consumption, culminating in the current recession, has put on the ropes manufacturers who have in the Italian market or Community their only outlet. It seems now clear that - overcome the recession - the increasing trend of a saturated mainland market hardly will "heal the wounds" inflicted by heavy recent years.

Equally obvious looks like this difficulty is rather experienced with greater serenity and detachment from those manufacturers who over the years have been able to take advantage of galloping globalization, facing successfully promising still little markets beaten by competitors and ensuring a definite advantage in continuing to presidiarli effectively . Finding before other new markets in other continents is key to distribute the business risk to the four corners of the world, releasing it on the performance local political and economic, thus giving continuity to the profits.

The Potential of emerging markets

The choice to focus on the Far East, and more specifically in the markets of China, India, Korea, Vietnam, but also in the Middle East, it is dictated by contingent reasons of expediency: numerous and prestigious all the sources that record the very strong increase in exports of food & amp; Made in Italy wine to these markets.

Since July 2012 the fund has even risen to the locomotive of national exports, with a further increase of '11.2% compared to the already positive in July 2011 (Office Coldiretti studies), but the increase in margins appear even more promising: Confindustria and Prometeia estimate that by 2020 half of the 92 million new rich estimated at a planetary level will come from large urban centers of China, Korea, India, Brazil, Russia, Poland and Turkey. According to this authoritative analysis, these countries in 2020 will count for the global import food & amp; wine most of the major European giants.

How we work

We are able to assist companies of all sizes: in the commodity sector in which we operate (food & amp; wine), we offer a complete and reliable support at every level and on every aspect related to import-export, providing each company a custom operating plan to access, acquire and oversee new markets.

The widespread local presence allows us to find quick solution to all those small / big problems that international trade involves daily.

Our Services

In recent years the drop in consumption, which culminated in the current recession, has put on the ropes manufacturers who have in the Italian market or Community their only outlet.


A "strategic vision" aimed at profitable access to markets that are interesting avoids an unnecessary waste of resources, often used "rain", in the uncertainty of what the right route of entry A careful selection and planning...

of the activities to be undertaken primarily allows you to focus on those with greater return and thereby obtain a better use of resources.


After careful market analysis and careful planning of the operating mode takes over the stage in the Market startups. Depth study of local customs regulations, creation of the distribution network, assistance in contacts with customers, ....

management contracts, service orders, shipping, logistics, certification, customs clearance, and many many more issues that every day we see the side and Vs. we will solve quickly and efficiently.


Not all markets can be interesting from the commercial point of view. And 'therefore essential to study their characteristics, checking for any competitors, customs regulations, the segmentation of demand, the current wealth and in perspective, etc.

All contribute to a market considered choice on which to operate.

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