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Siamo da sempre convinti che le risorse umane costituiscano il nostro vero punto di forza:
entusiasmo, competenza e passione è ciò che contraddistingue il “capitale umano” di Medi Trade.
  • We are a solid and reliable operational support to entrust international projects and trade exchange between distant countries.

  • The manufacturing companies that can count on an international clientele enjoy greater peace of mind of those who instead only oversee the local market.

  • The stated objective is to support the export office of each customer in an efficient and effective, subjecting our guidelines to company management and assessing them with milestones and goals.

Our Services

  • Market analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • marketing planning
  • Market startups
  • Event organization
  • Support in the various process steps
  • export department


Not all markets can be interesting from the commercial point of view. And 'therefore essential to study their characteristics, checking for any competitors, customs regulations, the segmentation of demand, the current wealth and in perspective, etc., all contribute to a market considered choice on which to operate.


Strategic Planing


A "strategic vision" aimed at profitable access to markets that are interesting avoids an unnecessary waste of resources, often used "rain", in the uncertainty of what the right route of entry. A careful selection and planning of the activities to be undertaken primarily allows you to focus on those with greater return and thereby obtain a better use of resources.

Marketing Planing

It 'a complex and delicate process consisting of several steps, all of equal importance: This and many other factors are assessed and analyzed carefully to lay the foundation of the marketing mix that will shape the input path of the product in that specific market
  • Analysis and testing of market trends
  • segmenting consumers
  • competitors identification
  • Economic and social context

Market Start Up


After careful market analysis and careful planning of the operating mode takes over the stage in the Market startups. Depth study of local customs regulations, creation of the distribution network, assistance in contacts with customers, management contracts, service orders, shipping, logistics, certification, customs clearance, and many many more issues that every day we see the side and Vs. we will solve quickly and efficiently.

Event Organization

The organization of an event, be it a wine tasting or an international fair, is a task extremely difficult and delicate: in the few hours of the event you have to condense the best of their communication skills, effectively making the customer the product and the its peculiarities. Nothing can be left to chance, for no reason: too important at stake, ...

too little time to correct any problems, everything has to go well. For this to happen we have on our experience gained in organizing hundreds of events, the mastery of the customs of the places in which we operate, the positive contribution of indigenous collaborators, as well as established relationships with the structures that lend themselves to hosting events deliberately inspired by the best Italian lifestyle, increasingly popular all over the world.


Support In The Various Stages Of Progress


Identified markets and evaluated the business potential, you reap the fruits of corporate communications and begins the phase in which you proceduralizza manage daily issues related to logistics, customs clearance, receipt of all required national certifications, consolidation of business relations with the first customers, etc.

Office Export Outsourcing

The management office for export business outsourcing is often a natural consequence of the evolution of a relationship based on trust and on their professionalism on the basis of precise "rules of engagement" agreed upon with the client and in the name and on behalf for He, TRADE AVERAGE encompasses the entire scope of business of a modern office and exports. The follow-up to post Fairs c.r.m. (Customer relationship management) multilevel, from order management to customer loyalty.


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